It's been a hectic two months at Sonic Pump Studios. Almost fully booked studio and working on multiple projects have been keeping Nino busy lately. 

""I feel very fortunate to have had a chance to work with all these great bands even during these unusual times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that has introduced new ways of working in music production. Working remotely has been a totally new experience for me and I'm sure it will be a very efficient way to work with the artists also in the future.", says Nino.

James Lascelles from Wheel comments after re-amping guitars for their upcoming album at Sonic Pump Studios:

"Nino is always super easy to work with - his knowledge is insane and he is never happy until you (the client) is happy. He always goes above and beyond with everything he does, whether it is sourcing interesting gear to use for the sessions or creatively approaching projects. I have had the pleasure of working with Nino multiple times in the past, most recently on a re-amping session for the upcoming second Wheel album. Nino managed to source everything we required from unusual amp/cab combos to specific boutique pedals for the sessions and as always, the sessions were efficient, productive and most importantly, resulted in great guitar sounds!"

Check the Wheel website here


Finntroll spent several weeks in the studio working on their 7th studio album! Drum recordings and mixing was done by Nino. Producer Henri "Trollhorn" Sorvali sums up the experience: 

"There's a reason why we chose to work with Nino for the fourth time in a row with Finntroll. For me, the most important thing is to get a sound that represents the current album material 100%, and each time Nino has provided us exactly what we want without never taking the obvious or easy route instead. Nino is as dedicated -if not even more- as the client to get the sound "right there" and is never satisfied until the client is as well. And even then he finds some small things to make the mix even better! PS: Your last album didn't exactly suck, it just wasn't done with Nino."

Finntroll website


Nino with The Rasmus drummer Aki Hakala after two days of tracking some serious banging. 

WORKING LATELY WITH CVLT OV THE SVN (recording), MATERO (recording&mixing), SMACKBOUND (mixing) & TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK (recording)

At the moment Nino is in Gran Canaria working with Tomorrow’s Outlook (Norway) pre-production for their upcoming album.

Check out the band websites:

”Nino was the satans little helper in the creation of Occult Murder Pop. COTS salutes you!”

-Cvlt Leader

”We have been working with this nutcase for over a year now and must say that it´s been a blast! We have been putting out my new album track by track and I really appreciate the musical vision Nino has. And when talking about this long process the work and mixing has been really solid.”

If you are looking for gun for hire when it comes to heavier rock or metal Nino is your guy. His bad jokes and love for 80´s and 90´s metal and hard rock will give honeymoon like studio hours to enjoy!

-Petri Matero/Matero


"Nino is the real deal, down to earth and very positive person that has been able to achieve the best of us. This project would’ve never reached the level it will without him. A real problem solver who understands the needs and aptitudes of each band member yet he makes no compromises, aims to get the best from each other. To wrap it up, Nino has become a member of our Black Sun family and a true friend.​"


-Santiago Salem-

Band website


I retained Nino as mixing engineer for The Order of Chaos recent full length album as I had heard nothing put positive reviews from several colleagues who had worked with him in the past, and am a huge fan of several albums he has produced. 

I also got to know him personally on tour in 2017, and saw first hand his kind, welcoming, and hilarious personality. As an artist and producer, he holds an extremely high standard of professionalism.

I cannot say enough about how positive this experience was for me. The mixes he created, captured the essence of The Order of Chaos sound perfectly. The mixes were warm, thick, punchy, powerful and modern sounding, while not being tiring to the ears in the way many of the modern over sampled, overproduced albums tend to be.

His attention to detail is second to none and the communication between all project stakeholders was always punctual, direct and concise. 

When technical issues arise, he has the expertise, and flexibility to offer immediate solutions to those issues without compromising the integrity or quality of the sound.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Nino in the future, and would highly recommend that musicians of any genre/proficiency consider working with him in the production of their next album.


John “Simon” Fallon
The Order of Chaos

Band website